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Cerelac Recipes

Apple Mango with Carrots

Apple with Malunggay

Avocado and Egg Puree

Banana Carrot with Egg

Banana Egg Cake

Carrot and Egg Porridge


Cerelac Hotcake

Cerelac Potato Congee

Cerelac Omelette

Mini funcakes with Malunggay

Saba-Langka Pancakes

Alugbati with Kabasustansya

Blended Chicken n’ Cabbage

Blended Veggies

Broccoli Bits

Broccoli and Squash

Bulilit’s Pakbet

Bulilit’s Pizza

Carrot Squash

Carrots and Spinach

Carrot Squash with Malunggay

Carrots, Cabbage & Cerelac

Yummy Miswa

Apple Banana Cookies with Raisins

Banana Cake

Banapple Cupcakes

Banana Jelly Time

Cerelac Donuts


Banana Puree

Carrot Cookies

Banana Oats Biscuits

Banana Honey Muffin

Pumpkin Cakes

Nutella Mangganana


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