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Getting the right nutrition is important for you and your little one. Find tips and nutrition advices to ensure you and your child grow healthy together.

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Getting Baby off on a Solid (Food) Start
Little One

Getting Baby off on a Solid (Food) Start

Congratulations, you have just reached an exciting milestone in baby’s life --- feeding your baby his first solid food! Exciting step in your baby’s eating development, ‘di ba? But we have so many questions --- What foods are recommended as the first solid food? How to know when your baby is ready? How to just get started? 

Good Eating Habits: Start them Young!
Little One

Good Eating Habits: Start them Young!

Yes, good eating habits start with the introduction of solids. At sa totoo lang—teaching kids to eat well and healthy isn’t an easy job!

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The growing-up milk with NESTLÉ's Optimized Protein - high-quality, lower-quantity protein optimized for age-appropriate weight gain and development.



The growing up milk with NESTLÉ's Hydrolyzed Whey Protein that is known to reduce allergenicity, is easier to digest, and supports optimal weight, development, and digestion advantage.


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GERBER® Apple, Apricot and Peach 125g

Made with the yummy combination of organic-certified fruits.


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GERBER® Carrots 80g

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GERBER® Mixed Vegetable 125g

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Nestlé Cerelac® Homestyle Meals Rice & Veggies 200g

Nestlé Cerelac® Homestyle Meals Rice & Veggies 200g

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Nestlé Cerelac® Mixed Fruits & Soya 250g

Made with apple, banana and orange!

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