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Welcome to Toddlerhood

Congratulations, #1Mom! Your child just turned 3 years old! It’s an exciting yet very important time as they discover new things on their own. This is a crucial stage in a child’s self-discovery as they learn and grow in many ways – Physical, Cognitive, Motor, and Social. That’s why your toddler needs age-appropriate milk nutrition to help you protect them as they achieve their first wins!

NIDO® Growing Up Milks
  • Provides age-appropriate, expertly-made formulation for each stage of your toddler‘s and preschooler‘s development.
  • Helps protect your child as they achieve their first wins and first projects. 
Siksik sa Nutrients expertly-made for Filipino Toddlers and Preschoolers

*Also known as Sucrose, contains Lactose

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Protect your toddler’s self-discovery with expert parenting tips from our NutriTods™ Program

As your child enters toddlerhood, you'll need more information on how to help them grow holistically in this critical stage of development. That's why we created the NutriTods™ Program —a guide that includes expert tips on age-appropriate nutrition to support optimal physical, social, and cognitive development for young Filipino children. As your #1 ally, we're here with you during this challenging yet fulfilling journey of toddlerhood.


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