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MOM & ME® Nutritional Powdered Milk Drink

During pregnancy, you encounter a lot of physical changes. Because of this, you need more essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support this stage of rapid growth. Let MOM&ME® Nutritional Powdered Milk Drink help you.

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Good to Know 

  • PROTECT START - a unique combination of nutritive ingredients comprising of: Extensively researched BIFIDUS BL probiotics help improve digestion. 

  • Source of Folic Acid - Folic acid requirement significantly increases during pregnancy especially during periods of rapid fetal growth. Folic acid helps support normal growth and development of the fetus. 

  • High Source of Calcium & Source of Vitamin D - Calcium helps maintain strength of bones and teeth. Vitamin D helps support calcium absorption and improves bone strength. 

  • Contains the important nutrients: DHA and Iron 

  • Reduced Fat - 60% less fat than full cream milk powder. 

Good to Remember 

  • Pregnancy and lactation are very special periods in your life. Having the right nutrition will help support you with your nutritional needs. 

  • NESTLE MOM&ME with PROTECT START has been especially formulated to support your increased nutritional needs during this time. 


    • Add 4 leveled tablespoons (35g) of powder to 160ml of warm or cold water & stir well. 

    • Important: to maintain the number of living cultures, the temperature of the water should not be more than 45°C. 

    Ingredients & Nutritional facts

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