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From highchair to the dining table: How to support your 1+ Bulilit’s Growth Journey


A key milestone of your 1+ Bulilit’s growth is transitioning from the highchair to the dining table. They will start eating with the rest of the family but will need meals that are made especially for them.

Monday, April 5th, 2021

Your 1+ Bulilit’s nutrient requirements will be a step above what they used to need. It’s a special and exciting period, marking their growth from babies to little boys and girls who need meals that grow with them! While it’s an exciting period of change, it’s also natural to feel a bit worried about their development. However, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this year of Bulilit’s life, too!


Make steady progress to the dining table

Your Bulilit will begin self-feeding between 8 months and 1-year-old – an important developmental milestone to watch out for when introducing solids, and a good indicator that they are developing fine motor skills needed for self-feeding with utensils later on. This is when they can slowly transition from the highchair to the dining table!


When Bulilit is ready, they’ll show you how interested they are with homemade meals! You might see them wanting to grab your food, trying to pull your utensils, mimic how you chew and enjoy your meals, and that they’re stable while sitting! These are signs that Bulilit is ready for meals that are chewable, like rice, pasta, and proteins!



Give meals na siksik sa sustansya!

Aside from building motor skills and developing steadiness for eating, introducing solids that help Bulilit meet the nutritional needs of babies to support their growth is also important. 1+ Bulilits need a variety of nutrients, which they can get from healthy servings of pasta, rice, meat, fruits, and veggies!


You can also give Bulilit nutrient-rich mini-meals like the new CERELAC® Homestyle Mini Meals! It’s made with carefully selected rice, pasta, meat, and veggies. CERELAC® Homestyle Mini Meals is essentially a full meal for Bulilit that’s quick to prepare in just five to ten minutes. Siksik pa sa baby nutrients like Iron, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin C that are essential for their growth. It comes in Pasta, Chicken & Peas, and Rice, Chicken & Carrots–tastes and textures that will introduce Bulilit to the exciting world of solid food!


Turn mealtimes into fun experiences

Interact with your Bulilit to ensure that they’re enjoying mealtimes with you! You can start by naming the food they are eating, teaching them about flavors, or asking them if they’re enjoying their meal.


You can also make this transition exciting with baby food ideas that give Bulilit new textures and flavors to discover. Every serving of CERELAC® Homestyle Mini Meals is full of flavors that will delight Bulilit's tastebuds, and introduces Bulilit to real food textures to help them develop their chewing muscles – from real chicken chunks to real veggies that are just the right size for Bulilit, making every mealtime a fun and exciting experience as they explore the world of solid food!


When Bulilit is ready to eat at the dining table, be ready with homemade baby food ideas that’s also adequate for their growing up needs. Give your Bulilit CERELAC® Homestyle Mini Meals, available in Robinson’s supermarkets starting June 2021.



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