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Made for babies, Good nutrition for babies
Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's a challenge, either way we're here to support you right from the start as you introduce solid foods to your little one.
Introducing Solid Food
Introducing solid food to your child’s diet can be both fun and challenging. Either way, we are here to support you. We have collected valuable information on when to start solid food, what nutrients your child needs, and tips on how to make feeding time easier for both of you.
How to Discover New Tastes
Eating solid foods is a new and unusual experience for little ones. Continuing to offer your little ones new flavors and textures will eventually make mealtime enjoyable for both of you. Relax and enjoy sharing all these new discoveries.
Healthy Eating and Nutrition
Nutrition plays an important role in your child's growth and development. Find out how to support healthy eating habits from the beginning and learn more about the nutrients you and your child need at whatever stage you're at now.
Baby and solid food: Myths vs facts
Are you getting mixed advice over your baby's first meal? We're debunking the myths and highlighting the facts just for you.
Debunking myths around ready-to-eat baby food
Ready-to-eat baby food is healthy, safe, and a delicious choice for your baby’s first solid food! Here are the myths surrounding ready-to-eat baby food; you’ll be happy to know that all your fears surrounding ready-to-eat baby food will go away!
Some top FAQs
You can start feeding your Little One with Gerber from 6 months up to 2 years of age.
When can I start feeding Gerber to my baby?
We make sure we harvest our fruits and veggies just the right time to make naturally yummy purees- no added sugar, no added salt and no added preservatives at all!
Does Gerber contain added sugar, salts & preservatives?
Did you know that each of our Gerber jars are tightly vacuum sealed to make sure they are as fresh as the day it was picked from our farms? Once our Gerber jars are opened, these should be fed to your Little One within 24 hours to get the most of our fresh fruits & veggies!
What is the shelf life of Gerber?

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