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How to Raise Happy Chikitings?


Science of Growing Up Happy

Monday, February 8th, 2021

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Habang lumalaki ang kids, hindi na basta health lang ang priority. Kasama na rin ang pag-ensure na they grow happy, smart, kind, and capable to achieve their dreams. Isa sa mga pinaka-importante sa kanila ang masigurong happy ang paglaki ni Chikiting, because it affects their overall well-being. According to TIME Magazine, “Happier kids are more likely to turn into successful, accomplished adults.” Kapag happy sila, mas madali for kids to achieve bigger things! Luckily, happiness is something easy to achieve through love and patience! Here are some tips for moms!

  1. Schedule Playtimes

    When Chikitings play, natututo sila to relate with others and the world around them. It’s also a way for them to develop their imagination, strength, creativity, and emotions. Ang maganda sa playtimes, hindi kailangan ng mahal na mga gamit to do it! Pwedeng maglaro ng simpleng games si Mommy & Chikiting, gaya ng bahay-bahayan or gumawa ng rocket ships out of used boxes. Pwede rin namang i-introduce ni Mommy ang classic Pinoy games, gaya ng 10-20, Chinese garter, patintero, at iba pa! As long as it is fun and safe, it’s good for Chikiting!

  2. Eat Together

    Parents can be very busy with work and household chores. Minsan, nakakaligtaan nang kumain together, but it’s actually important to eat with your kids. Ayon sa research, eating with them can help them have better manners, healthier diets, and higher self-esteem! Family mealtimes are also bonding moments and a chance to express your love and care for Chikiting! Kasama rin sa mealtimes ang pagturo ng healthy eating and table manners. Make sure that the food you are eating are rich in nutrients, at laging may nakahandang NESTOGROW® 4 para ma-enjoy ni Chikiting ang benefits of drinking milk! NESTOGROW® 4 has L. Comfortis na tumutulong sa tummy to properly absorb nutrients.

  3. Be a happy parent!

    Habang inaalagaan ang happiness ni Chikiting, importante rin na bantayan at i-nurture ng parents ang kanilang well-being. According to researchers, happy parents are more likely to have happy children. Ito ay dahil na-aabsorb ni Chikiting kung ano ang nafi-feel at nakikita nila sa kanilang parents.

Your mood affects their well-being, so nurture your happiness, too! Wala man tayong control over their happiness, tayo naman ay responsible for our own joy. Allow yourself to relax, take it easy, nurture yourself with personal hobbies, and give yourself the time to laugh and enjoy life! NESTOGROW® understands the importance of Chikitings’ happy growth. The best thing you can do to raise a happy kid is to be loving, understanding, and supportive parents to them. Dahil kapag loved sila at home, siguradong #GrowHappy si Chikiting!



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