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Bakit Kailangan ni Chikiting ng Probiotics?



Friday, January 22nd, 2021

Benefits of L. Comfortis probiotics


Alam nating for their kids, ready lagi ang moms to give everything that they know is good for their health. Sisiguraduhin nilang hindi lang basta masarap, kundi masustansya rin ang binibigay nilang meals para happy ang tummy ni Chikiting! But sometimes, Chikitings will experience tummy aches that’s caused by an imbalance in the digestive system.

The digestive system, or ang gut o tiyan, plays a very important role in keeping us and our kids healthy. Maliban sa pag-absorb ng nutrients, sa gut rin matatagpuan ang good bacteria na nagre-regulate ng metabolism, at nagsisilbing proteksyon from infections. Ayon sa pediatrician na si Dr. Jennifer Olay, “[The] digestive system is the center of immunity… Ito ang pinakamalaking organ system sa ating katawan na nagpapatibay ng resistensya.” Kaya dapat itong alagaan at i-strengthen with probiotics.

Ano ang Probiotics?

Our bodies have gut bacteria na tumutulong sa ating kalusugan. Kapag hindi balanse ang good at bad bacteria sa gut ni Chikiting, maaari siyang maka-experience ng tummy problems. Para maiwasan ang gut problems, bigyan si Chikiting ng probiotics!

Ang probiotics ay beneficial microorganisms na combination ng live and good bacteria that’s naturally found in our bodies. Isang halimbawa nito ang Lactobacillus Reuteri or L. Comfortis® sa NESTOGROW® 4! Here are some benefits that moms should know:


  1. It helps ease digestion

    Dahil pino-promote ng probiotics ang growth ng good bacteria, nagiging mas madali mag-digest ng pagkain. It also aids in the absorption of nutrients, kaya naisisigurong kumpleto ang NUTRITIYAN sa katawan ni Chikiting.

  2. It provides relief from colic

    When there’s too much bad bacteria in the gut, pwedeng maka-experience ng colic or kabag si Chikiting. This will cause discomfort na pwedeng maka-apekto sa mood at gana ng kids to eat and do their activities. Adding probiotics to their diet will balance the good and bad bacteria in their tummies, kaya it will help lessen pain caused by kabag!

  3. It helps prevent and ease diarrhea and constipation

    Kapag may infection or stressed si Chikiting, pwedeng mag-cause ito ng imbalance sa gut bacteria ni Chikiting. Pwede itong mag-lead to diarrhea or constipation na parehong painful and uncomfortable for children. Para ma-relieve si Chikiting, bigyan sila ng pagkain at age-appropriate milk na may probiotics, like NESTOGROW®! Its L. Comfortis® can then help restore good bacteria, at tutulungan nitong labanan ang bad bacteria in their gut.

The best part about it is that probiotics can also help prevent these tummy problems! Making it a regular part of Chikitings’ diet can ensure na palaging balanced ang gut bacteria, at healthy and tummy nila!

Ang daming benefits ng probiotics sa digestive health! Kasama ng three balanced meals and fiber-rich food, nakakatulong ang probiotics na siguraduhing healthy ang tummy ni Chikiting! It’s one of the benefits of drinking milk like NESTOGROW® 4, which is one of the best milks for 3 years old. Aside from being a high calcium milk, it also provides L. Comfortis® para #KumpletongNutriTIYAN si Chikiting! Syempre, when their tummies are healthy, sila ay mas masigla kaya #GrowHappy!



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