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Kailan Ako linom ng Lactation Milk

Kailan ako iinom ng lactation milk?

We go the extra mile to make sure na happy, healthy and always alaga si baby. Sa mga mommies who are breastfeeding, drinking lactation milk is one way para maging extra alaga sa sarili. But how often can we drink it?


Mommy, for sure, you’re an awesome momma to your baby. Pero awesome momma ka ba to yourself? Your body just performed a miracle pero heto ka na, already taking on motherhood in full swing. To help provide the nutrients you need at this time, you may drink a lactation milk that’s made specially for Pinay breastfeeding mommas like you.

You can start drinking NESTLÉ® MOMMALOVE® lactation milk as soon as you give birth.

Because giving birth takes a toll on a woman’s body, kailangan mo ngayon ng extra alaga and the nutrients you need to help you heal and recover, and in effect mas ma-a-alagaan mo ng mabuti si baby.

NESTLÉ® MOMMALOVE® lactation milk drink is also ideal for quick me-time breaks. Importante ang mommy breaks para maka-function ng maayos mentally and physically. Even a five-minute break — when timed right before feeling totally depleted—can give you a significant boost.

You may drink NESTLÉ® MOMMALOVE® lactation milk twice a day, during snack breaks at 10:00 AM and afternoon breaks at 3:00 PM.

It is not meant to replace your meals, but it’s ideal for lactating moms to get nutrients from other sources as well, such as meat and vegetables.


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