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What moms have to say about Nestle MommaLove:

A friend of ours introduced us to the product. That was 2 weeks after I gave birth to my second child. It was a perfect timing because I was struggling to breastfeed my little one during that time because I had low supply of milk. I was kinda frustrated then because I really wanted to do pure breastfeeding because that’s something I wasn’t able to do with my first baby.

I’m very thankful for MommaLove because from the day I started taking it, my breastmilk supply increased – enough for the need of my little one. I felt fulfilled as a mom.

I like the taste of the vanilla flavor. I can manage to drink it 3x a day.

Momma Zelle Lerios Breastfeeding Momma to Baby Andres

My morning merienda won’t be complete without MommaLove! It has been my reliable lactation milk drink not just because of its super delicious vanilla flavor and the nutrients it provides, but because it helped me sustain my breastfeeding journey with my 2yo daughter. It is an effective milk supply booster for me!

Momma Venus Pena Breastfeeding Momma to Baby Kate & Certified Trained Lactation Consultant

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