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Nestlé Cerelac® Baby Food Mixed Fruits & Soya 120g

CERELAC® Mixed Fruits & Soya is a cereal-based meal for children 6 months and above.

    Product highlights
    Nutritional benefits
    Storage recommendation


    Preparation recommendation
    Store your baby's cereal properly
    Step 1

    Measure 160ml of milk* and pour it into baby's bowl.*Breastmilk or infant milk currently fed to baby

    Step 2

    Add 25g or 4 level tablespoons of CERELAC®

    Step 3

    Stir until the cereal is smooth and feed immediately using a clean spoon.

    Where to buy?

    Where to buy?

    Find a store carrying CERELAC® cereals with milk near you.

    From complete meals to healthy snacks, discover all the CERELAC® range.


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