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Be Healthy and Happy, Choose Lactose!


What is Lactose and ano mga benefits nito kay chikiting?

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

We all know that breastfeeding is the best choice for infant feeding and provides multiple benefits for children’s health. Pero sa mga pagkakataon na hindi makapagbreastfeed ang  isang ina (for medical reasons or issues of availability) ang isang sanggol ay dapat mabigyan ng  infant formula with a composition based on current scientific knowledge. Kaya kailangan nating suriin  ng mabuti ang mga sangkap ng gatas na ibinibigay natin sa ating mga anak at isa na dito ang Lactose.

What is Lactose?

Isa sa pangunahing sangkap ng milk ay ang lactose. Lactose is the primary carbohydrate found in human and cow’s milk. Para maabsorb ng mabuti sa ating katawan ang lactose, it must first be broken down into glucose and galactose na nagaganap sa small intestine.  Glucose and galactose serve as building blocks for various macromolecules that are important for a child’s growth and development.  Ang glucose at galactose ay naaabsorb sa ibat ibang parte ng katawan katulad ng heart, brain at muscles – mga organ system na importante para maging malusog at masigla si baby. In short, Lactose is the energy carrier in milk!

What are the benefits of Lactose?

Good for the teeth!

Lactose is the least cariogenic among fermentable sugars, ibig sabihin ay mababa ang posibilidad ng sugar na ito na makapagdulot ng maagang pagkasira ng ngipin ng mga bata. Good news ito, ‘di ba mga mommy!

Not too sweet!

 Lactose also has a low glycemic index and a low relative sweetness in relation to other dairy-based ingredients. Hindi ito kasing tamis katulad ng ibang klase ng sugars katulad ng sucrose. Because of its weak sweet taste, Lactose could therefore, lead to less imprinting of sweet taste at a young age, and therefore, reduce the preference for sweet flavors later in life. Napakagandang benefit ito mula sa lactose, dahil hindi masasanay ang ating mga anak sa matamis na panlasa.

Healthy tummy!

Lactose can beneficially influence the gut microbiota and play a role in the development of good bacteria in the gut of infants and children. Kaya tumutulong ito para mapanatili na magkaroon ng healthy tummy si baby! Ayon sa mga pagaaral marami pang ibang beneficial effects ang lactose sa tummy. Lactose can also be linked to short fatty acids that serve locally as energy for gut microbiota and the cell of the intestinal wall, confer a protective effect and mas pinapatibay nya ang lining or mucosa ng intestine, it also exert a beneficial effect on early immune development  and are used as energy source following absorption and transport to the liver.

With all these major benefits, clearly, angat ang lactose sa ibang klase ng sugar. Kaya naman, lactose is the preferred carbohydrate in infants and young children at dahil dito makakasiguro tayo na mgkakaroon ng healthy tummy si baby para lumaking masigla at masaya!

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